GADING is now Online!

“GADING” was staged in March this year at the Esplanade Theatre Studio. And for the very first time, we bring Sriwana’s annual production to you… Online on our YouTube channel.

Gading is a contemporary dance production rooted in Malay culture and traditional movements that taps the currency of a global crisis as a jumping-off point. Gading not only draws inspiration from the exquisite traits of ivory but uses it as a metaphor to shed light on the vulnerable state of Malay cultural dance today. By getting the audience to confront the “elephant in the room”, we hope you will ponder if Malay Culture and its traditional dance forms, which are now increasingly vulnerable to threats of modernisation, should suffer the same fate as the large numbers of elephants who have become victims of intense poaching from a worldwide demand for ivory and eventually losing their place in the communities that gave them life in the first place.

Watch this 6-part show exclusively here:

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