2022 bookings are now open

The wait is finally over!

We thank you for your patience! Kindly email us at for our rate cards for wedding and..

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Untaian Seni Lestari 2021

Ayuh bersama kami di acara GRC Tampines Ujana Bahasa “Untaian Seni Lestari” sempena Bulan Bahasa 2021 di Facebook Live Tampines Central..

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Akar Subur 2021

Akar Subur 2021 presented by Era Dance Theatre returns this 16th July 2021!

Marking its 6th year running and going digital for the first..

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Wajah Baharu Sriwana 2021

Pendaftaran untuk pengambilan ahli baru Sriwana 2021!

12th December 2020, Saturday
12 – 6pm


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Muara Festival Goes Digital


For the first time.. Muara Festival goes digital! Watch as many as 29 performances (including Sriwana’s) over this 3-day festival..

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GADING is now Online!

“GADING” was staged in March this year at the Esplanade Theatre Studio. And for the very first time, we bring Sriwana’s annual production..

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Kursus Asas Drama II

Unit Drama Sriwana sekali lagi akan mengadakan Kursus Asas Drama Kedua yang bakal bermula pada 28hb September 2019, Sabtu.
Tujuan Kursus..

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Akar Subur is back!

AKAR SUBUR is back and it is going to be even better!⠀

At some point in our lives, we have come across stories of our Malay folktales...

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